Where to begin…..

First, I want to thank all of those who have viewed, followed, or “liked” my posts! You have all been fantastic in showing your support by helping to boost me to nearly 500 views in less than 2 weeks.

Second, a little history about me. Last year, my husband and I welcomed our first bundle of joy! As some of you may know, he came as quite a shock to us. I was nearly 5 months along before I knew I was pregnant! CRAZY…..I KNOW! Imagine our surprise! Thankfully, our little man is perfect! Given the situation, I had little time to mentally prepare for everything to come, including losing weight post delivery. I wasn’t sure I had the physical or mental capacity to lose the extra weight.

Now onto business….

Other than creating this blog to share my love of cooking, I also wanted to use it as my motivation to have not only myself, but my family eat healthy. It has been just over 14 months since we welcomed our first baby. What an amazing year it has been, but I continued to dread what seemed like an uphill battle to losing the extra baby weight!

I tried so many times in the last year to eat healthy, and tried so hard to motivate myself to exercise a few times a week. I even went as far as to join a local gym that had babysitting. That was a HUGE failure! I quit after the first day when I discovered my nine-month old had pen marks all over his arms!!! So, I was back at square one.

A couple months passed by, and zero motivation. Then one day (July 9th, to be exact), it was like someone lit a fire under me! I had what I considered a “good eating day” the day before, and decided to weigh myself that morning before work. Much to my surprise, I had lost 2 lbs!!!

I began by altering the way I eat, and what I eat. Mind you, I was never a terrible eater, but I didn’t eat great! And I definitely didn’t eat well enough to promote weight loss. I rarely ate breakfast, and ate just OK for lunch and dinner. I always ate a lot of vegetables, but never included much fruit into my daily diet.

Below is a typical day’s food diary:

Breakfast — Fresh fruit with an iced coffee — I have never been a huge fan of coffee, but I really like iced coffee. Thanks to my parents, we have a Keurig machine. I use the vanilla syrup from Starbucks, and add some fat-free half/half.

Lunch — Salad or Sandwich with water or iced tea (sometimes low fat or fat free chips)

Snack — Fresh fruit or vegetables (This is the hardest time of day for me!)

Dinner — Protein (usually chicken or fish for my family) with steamed or roasted vegetables

On occasion I will treat myself to frozen yogurt for dessert.

I have also cut out all soda (with exception to Friday Happy Hour, when we go). I have also cut down on my portion sizes. NO MORE SECOND HELPINGS, except for veggies! I have limited the amount of pasta and potatoes I make (both used to be a big part of our weekly meals). Although, I have kept sweet potatoes.

In terms of activity and exercise, I’m going to be honest. I do not set aside time daily to exercise. I don’t have a gym membership either. However, I have gotten into the habit of taking the stairs at work more often rather than the elevator, and I am also chasing around my son on a daily basis. I try to keep busy as well. I find when I’m not at work, and I’m at home with nothing to do is when my hunger cravings are at their highest!

For some people, losing weight comes naturally. For other people, they need the help of others to lose weight. My husband is not very good at telling me what do, and I’m not very good at taking his advice, but I have to credit my husband for his vast knowledge of fitness and weight loss as well. Hence, why he has made a career of helping people lose weight everyday (www.gxprogram.com). One thing I always hear him say is, “Losing weight is a lifestyle change, it’s not just a diet.”. This is one time I can admit he is….RIGHT!!!

In my opinion, it’s all about finding what works best for you. For me, I needed to wait until I was mentally ready to tackle it. And today, I can say I am officially 10 lbs lighter than I was 3 weeks. I am not on a mission to get in the best shape of my life, but I would like to lose this extra weight before baby #2 comes along (hehe)!!! Ideally, another 10-15 lbs would be great!

Hopefully some of this information can help to motivate or inspire you! This handsome little man is my motivation!! 😀


Stay tuned for my progress!


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