Just not enough hours….

So, today I think I bit off a little more than I could chew. On top of working 6 hours and taking care of my son, I thought I would be able to get a manicure/pedicure, go to the grocery store, do laundry, pack, and make dinner all in a matter of a few hours. Well, needless to say, something had to give!! Tonight, that was dinner. This was definitely a lazy dinner night, but still so yummy and comforting. One of those meals that you can eat any time of the year, grilled cheese sandwiches and soup!

Although I used a canned white chicken chili soup, with the addition of some black beans, I did make the grilled cheese. Well, BAKED grilled cheese! This is my first time making grilled cheese in this way, and I honestly had my reservations. I expected the bread to not get as crispy and crunchy as when you make it on the stove top. Boy, was I wrong!!! They turned out perfect!

Baked “grilled” Cheese


8 slices of your favorite bread (I used a whole wheat bread.)
8 slices of your favorite cheese (2 slices per sandwich. I used a combination of Swiss and American, but you could also use shredded cheese. Just as long as it is a good melting cheese.)
Soft butter or margarine (enough to coat the bread slices)


Line a baking sheet with foil. Place this baking sheet along with another on two separate racks in the oven (I used one slightly smaller than the other). Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

While the oven and baking sheets preheat, spread enough butter on 1 side of each slice of bread to cover and cook evenly.

Once the oven is preheated, remove the foil lined baking sheet from the oven. Build your sandwiches on this sheet. Bread, cheese, bread.

After the sandwiches are assembled, cover them loosely with another piece of foil to keep butter from getting on the bottom of your other baking sheet. Take the other baking sheet from the oven and lightly press the bottom of that baking sheet on to the foil-covered sandwiches.

With the baking sheets stacked, put the, back in the oven.

Bake for 5 minutes. Remove. Flip the sandwiches. Cover with foil and second baking sheet. Then bake another 5 minutes so both sides are crispy and cheese well melted.

Serve with your favorite soup.

**Recipe inspiration: Cooks Country


Next time, I will try this with addition of some ham or turkey to the sandwiches. And if time permits, some homemade soup!

Now, I’m looking forward to our long weekend in Charlotte visiting with my brother, who we haven’t seen since Christmas!



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