Tis the (college football) season!

As I may have mentioned before, other than cooking, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE college football season!!! Growing up, my family was all about Notre Dame football. We would always watch the games on television on Saturdays and on occasion my dad would take us out for a game. I do not know what it is about that campus. Many people say Disney is the happiest place on earth. I say….the University of Notre Dame is the happiest place on earth!! I know my dad would agree too! 🙂

When I went off to college my school had a football team, but they weren’t anything to write home about, and just couldn’t get in to investing myself in the games. But, after finishing my undergraduate degree, and went on for my Master’s degree, I definitely chose right this time. Although the University of South Florida (USF) football is relatively new, considering the deep rooted tradition in Notre Dame football and many of the other NCAA teams, I still love every minute of their games.

Tonight we play Rutgers. Always a tough game for USF! They seem to always have our number. I’m hoping tonight that will change. USF had an amazing win last week end against Nevada, and hopefully they will keep their winning record going.

Anyway, my purpose for posting, tonight will be a night off for me in the kitchen. Look for me on the visitor’s side, 50 yard line cheering on the USF Bulls!


Check back in a couple weeks for some tailgate recipes I have at our game against Florida State!



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