Another Family Recipe

Time to get back into a blogging routine! Over the weeks leading up to and after the holidays, I had many opportunities to cook for family, friends, and coworkers.

First up… potluck at work! For our Thanksgiving potluck, I made slow cooker ham and turkey. So delicious! This time, I passed the main course torch onto another coworker, and signed up to bring baked corn and deviled eggs. Both of which, are my aunt’s recipes!

Deviled Eggs

6 eggs, hard boiled
3 tbsp miracle whip
1/2 tsp yellow mustard
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 tsp vinegar
1 tbsp sugar


Peel and cut eggs in half. Carefully scoop out yolk into a small bowl. Once all yolks are out, add miracle whip, yellow mustard, salt, pepper, vinegar, and sugar to the bowl. Stir until well combined. Spoon or pipe yolk mixture evenly into each egg half. Sprinkle with paprika. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


I have loved these eggs for as long as I can remember! I hope you find them as delicious and addictive as i do! They would be great for any get together with family or friends.



Happy New Year!

Now that we are a couple weeks into the new year, it’s time to get back to business! I’d like to first start by wishing all of you a Happy New Year! From my family to your’s, I wish nothing but happiness and joy in the new year.

I was beyond happy to spend Christmas back in Pennsylvania with my family. It was great to see everyone to have time to just catch up and relax for a week.

The holidays came and went so fast. And I actually did some cooking over the past few weeks, regardless of the sickness that had plagued our house again. My coworkers and I had another potluck lunch. For this I made my aunt’s deviled eggs and baked corn. I also made the chocolate and M&M pretzels that I had made for our Thanksgiving potluck.


Merry Christmas Circles Printables
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While I was home in Pennsylvania, I took the time make dinner for my parents, brothers and their families. On the menu was…..slow cooker Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and roasted green beans. Recipe for the Salisbury steak to posted later this week.

I have also made a few meals for my family since being back in Tampa, including Alfredo stuffed chicken breast and stove top macaroni and cheese. Recipes also to be posted later this week.

One of my favorites was the slow cooker chicken tacos we had for dinner last night. So simple and quick to put together. The hardest part was setting up all the fixings buffet style for us to assemble our tacos.

Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 pkg reduced sodium taco seasoning
1 jar mild chunky salsa
1 cup chicken broth/stock


In a medium bowl, combine taco seasoning, salsa, and chicken broth. Lay chicken breasts in bottom of slow cooker. Pour salsa mixture over chicken. Cover, and cook in high for 3-4 hours, until chicken shreds easily with a fork.

**Recipe credit: Guilt or guilt free?


Serve along with any toppings you and your family like. We had lettuce, tomato, red onion, corn, black beans, taco sauce, sour cream, shredded cheese, as well as store bought chipotle and ranchero dressings. I also served a combination of hard and soft shell tacos.


I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did. Looking forward to leftovers tonight!

Don’t forget to check back later this week for more recipes that I have made over the holidays.


Another family recipe!

As I have grown older, I have learned to appreciate the simple things in life. Looking back, I can definitely admit I took a lot for granted growing up. Now that I’m older, and living away from my family, I look forward to and truly cherish any time I get to spend with my family. Family recipes are just one way that I pay tribute to how grateful I am for my family!

For the recipe below, I have to given credit to my Aunt. I have always loved family get togethers and cookouts because I could almost always guarantee that my Aunt was going to make this! In the case of today, it was in honor of college football. Even though our local team had a home game, we stayed home to cookout and watch the Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma game that was playing at about the same time. And what a great decision that was!!!!!

Rotini (Macaroni) Salad


2 cups short cut pasta, uncooked (I used Rotini because that’s what I had on hand)
1 cup light Miracle Whip
2 tbsp yellow mustard
3 tbsp white vinegar
1/4 cup Spelnda sugar blend
1/2 can fat free evaporated milk
Pinch of salt
Carrots, onions, celery, peppers, hard boiled eggs — to taste


Cook pasta according to package instructions.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine Miracle whip, mustard, vinegar, sugar, and evaporated milk. Stir until smooth.

Chop desired vegetables. I used shredded carrots and onion. I did not have celery on hand, but I normally would add that as well, and I never use peppers. Just do not like them in this salad.

In a large bowl, combine drained pasta, dressing mix, veggies. It will seem like too much, but as it sits the pasta absorbs the sauce. Place in refrigerator to cool. Stir in chopped egg just before serving.


This would be a great addition to any get-together, cookout, or tailgate!


Tis the (college football) season!

As I may have mentioned before, other than cooking, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE college football season!!! Growing up, my family was all about Notre Dame football. We would always watch the games on television on Saturdays and on occasion my dad would take us out for a game. I do not know what it is about that campus. Many people say Disney is the happiest place on earth. I say….the University of Notre Dame is the happiest place on earth!! I know my dad would agree too! 🙂

When I went off to college my school had a football team, but they weren’t anything to write home about, and just couldn’t get in to investing myself in the games. But, after finishing my undergraduate degree, and went on for my Master’s degree, I definitely chose right this time. Although the University of South Florida (USF) football is relatively new, considering the deep rooted tradition in Notre Dame football and many of the other NCAA teams, I still love every minute of their games.

Tonight we play Rutgers. Always a tough game for USF! They seem to always have our number. I’m hoping tonight that will change. USF had an amazing win last week end against Nevada, and hopefully they will keep their winning record going.

Anyway, my purpose for posting, tonight will be a night off for me in the kitchen. Look for me on the visitor’s side, 50 yard line cheering on the USF Bulls!


Check back in a couple weeks for some tailgate recipes I have at our game against Florida State!


Family <3

I apologize for my blogging hiatus the past few days. I took the weekend off to meet up with my parents (who live in PA) in Charlotte to visit with one of my brothers. Even though it was too short, It was a fantastic weekend!! Being so far from home, I miss my family terribly, but it’s quick trips like this that help get me by.

A couple of “firsts” happened as well. It was my first time taking my son on a road trip solo. Needless to say, I was a little nervous. I had no idea how I was going to keep an active 15 month old contained in a carseat for 9 hours. It went a lot better than expected. He was content looking out the window and watching some of his DVDs.

Another first….my son said what I would consider his first “unprompted, purposeful” word. Any guesses as to what it was???? CAR! As we sat down to eat a quick dinner during our travels, all of the sudden, he says, “car” as one pulls past the window. I thought maybe I misheard him or that it was just a coincidence, but no! He said it again, and again, and again, each time a car went past the window. I couldn’t help but smile and clap for him. He was so tickled by my reaction. The other people there must have thought we were crazy!!

While in Charlotte we enjoyed a bit of shopping, some great food, and Discovery Place. Little man loved the water play area. Surprisingly, he also enjoyed the IMAX polar bear movie. I think it lasted about 40 minutes, and he just sat on my lap and watched so intently.


After a 9 hour drive there, 2 days on-the-go (with very little napping), and a 9 hour drive back home today, my son was exhausted!


Since this road trip went so well, I’m already looking forward to the next! Possible home for Christmas!!

Happy 15-months today to my little munchkin!!! 🙂